Home based solar systems are designed for home
owners in houses, town houses, duplexes, including investment properties
etc., provided ownership of the roof is yours.

A Solar Grant installed home solar system is designed to save you money
now and into the future on your electricity bills. By generating your
own electricity, you and your household become immune from rising
electricity prices as well as enjoy free electricity from the sun.

A Solar Grant system is installed in accordance with your local energygenerator and works by offsetting your domestic electricity usage on aone to one live instantaneous basis in NSW whilst excess electricity issold to the grid.

A Solar Grant Residential Solar System Solution Can Save Up To 40% of A Average Energy Bill

A solar system installed in accordance with small changes to your
household usage electricity such as TOU metering can bring savings of up
to 40% of your energy bill on a system that is only 1.5 kW in size.
Whether you have a standard tile roof or a flat/pitched colourbond roof,
we can tailor systems to your needs.

How Your Roof Affects A Solar System’s Performance

A rooftop mounted solar system generally requires a North facing roof
with sufficient space to mount the relevant panels. However it is also
acceptable to work with NE/NW based roofing.

The Solar Grant Team is comprised of electrical and civil engineers who engagewith highly experienced and CEC accredited in-house trade electricians,roofers and ASPs for grid connections, all of whom hold their relevantlicences and have been with Solar Grant since its conception in 2009.

A Grid Connected Solar Power System is sometimes called:

Solar Panel System or Solar Electricity System

They are refered to grid connected solar power system. It uses Solar Panels convert solar energy into electricity (DC), and through a Solar Inverter convert DC to normal electricity used in household.